Stevie Bucks, “Soul Projects” Mixtape

Stevie_Bucks_Soul_Projects CD Cover

With a distinctive style that sits somewhere between Kanye and a kind of caribbean influenced dub, Stevie Bucks shows of his skills as an emcee with his latest mixtape, Soul Projects.

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From its opening track, the flow is relentless like a steady stream of bullets, and blending with it surreal samples that display a sense of humour. ‘Sunday Morning’ throws in some nostalgic tones that hark back to classic motown, creating a warm aesthetic for Stevie Bucks’ hip hop stylings, while ‘Better Days’ is more traditionally modern with electronic elements and a steadiness to its beat. ‘Black Rose’ is similarly insistent, as Bucks rattles out the rhymes seemingly without taking a breath at some points. Darker in tone is ‘Days Of The Week’, with a brooding pad underlying the track that swells, ebbs, and flows as the rap surfs over it effortlessly, while ‘Black Girl’ comes off as a kind of old school/Eminem mashup, with its classic snare and wistful piano notes. It’s on the title track, ‘Soul Projects’, however, that the more lounge edge peeps through, with dubby samples flitting in and out of the mix complementing Stevie Bucks’ hiphop perfectly.

“A Little Bit Of Peace:

Soul Projects is a mixtape that shows confidence and consistency, and Stevie Bucks shows real indications of many more strong releases to come.

By Chris Marsh

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