Seth Goodman is a unique artist with a distinct style. His music echoes from an era when lyrical substance was key. Seth grew up surrounded with the sounds of the Monkees and the Beatles and from there he launched into many various genres of music like the Who to Husker Du. Many of these artists styles have become elements of his arrangements.

The title of his project “The Grand Undoing” was born from various events in his own life. Seth incorporated the title to the trials and tribulations of his family and personal experiences and his own demons seem to serve as an inspiration to embrace it and find it in himself to challenge them head on.

“I’m definitely a big fan of the music from previous eras when the substance end of the style substance continuum was favored, So I guess I just naturally write as if it were still that time.”

At the age of tweleve someone gave him the album “Ziggy Stardust” from David Bowie and his lyrics from the songs “Hunky Dory” and “Life On Mars” had a major effect on him. These lyrics catapulted Seth to another level and the seed was planted for him to travel in Bowie’s world musically. Later on in his musical journey he discovered the magic of Bruce Springsteen another lyrical genious.

“I came to Springsteen’s music just a few years ago, but it’s definitely had a considerable effect on me. I think “Darkness On the Edge Of Town” is a masterful record. His push to fully express the array of human emotions that come up amidst adversity and trial, as well as his impulse to really put his finger on elusive modern emotional experiences that may not have been directly addressed in rock before are absolutely things that I’m now striving for too.”

His upcoming album “White Space Flavors and Parties On TV” has some deep feelings and thought provoking tracks, with selections like “Long Are The Hours” and “Song In B” that touch upon two distinct human feelings. For example “Long Are The Hours” is a love song that touches upon the commitment of love and the sacrifices one takes, which he wrote for his girlfriend. The other track “Song In B” is a far more deeper track since it was inspired as a memorial to the passing of his parents. The album’s release date is August 14, 2014.

The title of the album is a mix of different elements of life and nature. The first evolves around flavors that do not exist in nature like the “blue raspberry” and the other touches upon the disconnection with human interaction and how technology being the core of the problem. A very deep concept for the new artist.

Seth has performed in many venues internationally in Europe and here in the States. But “The Grand Undoing” is primarly a studio project at this point. Currently, Seth is gearing up for a pre-release party at Westport Rivers Sparkling Winery at Westport, Massachusests on August 9, 2014. Be sure not to miss the opportunituy to experience this talented up and coming artist.

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by Nick Christophers

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