Shudder, Inside My Head


Hailing from the city of Detroit in the US, the rock world brings you “shudder”. Formed in 2003, this 5 piece has had quite an adventure from their early roots to present. However today they are here to show the world they mean business!

Combining the sounds of rock and modern melodic metal, you get indications of whom the band has drawn influence from. Vocals like Mudvayne and Testament to instrumentation like Trivium, August Burns Red and other similar bands. Today we are taking a look at their latest EP/Mini Album “Inside My Head” which from the go I must say is impressive!

The collection has six tracks with an intro and an out and has loads going on. You will discover everything from fantastic guitar work to rich and layered choruses that draw you in and leave you wanting more. Notable tracks on the EP include the brilliant “Change” which is a slow tempo acoustic number which is full of powerful sections rich in colour and minor dramatics, overall there is a really warm feel to this song. Then there is the fantastic song “Clarity”. This is my highlight and probably the most melodic on the EP. A hugely well written and intricate song with little riffs flying off in different directions and some interesting break down sections, this is worth listening to.

The EP is well balanced with slow and mid tempo songs but there is defiantly a whole lot of charm to this. This EP is phenomenal and anyone who listens to this will be thirsty for more! A great band and a band I will be following for years to come!

By Robert Beeton

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