More than just an ancient city filled with religious sites and historic attractions, Jerusalem offers a diverse collection of contemporary art, dance, music and cultural events this summer as part of its annual Calendar of Culture 2014, including:

Contact Point (July 10), featuring a series of specially commissioned exhibitions and artworks, including an inflatable elephant in Israel Museum’s Art Garden, a massive “Big Bambu” installation, a “crawling” dance performance on the floor of the museum and a participatory parade of masks. 
Jerusalem’s In-House Festival (July 20-24), including performances and events showcasing Israeli directors, actors, musicians and dancers in some of the city’s most intriguing homes. This year’s festival will also include specially commissioned productions, including Knock Knock, an extraordinary performance taking place in a specially decorated hotel room in the Prima Royale Hotel; and HOUSE, a work by Swiss director Dominic Huber, which was adapted for an apartment building in a South Jerusalem neighborhood.   
Under the Mountain: Festival of New Public Art (July 25-31), combining cutting-edge performance art, life and politics, including reading of a verdict pertaining to art in the Supreme Court, an inauguration ceremony for a new protest area opposite the Prime Minister’s home designed by Bezalel students and a guided tour of Mount Herzl. 
Frontline (August 10-14), a collaboration with Tel Aviv’s TEDER pop-up radio bar and Jerusalem’s Radio Raash Hour, including a week of broadcasts, performances by local indie rock bands and DJs at the Hansen compound in Jerusalem.  
“3,876-Between Knife and Fork” (August 20 – September 7), a fascinating culinary-artistic project featuring two top Israeli chefs, Kamel Hashlamon and Assaf Granit, during which travelers will take part in a fascinating culinary experience based on the food, the peoples and the trends that have passed through Jerusalem for thousands of years, located atop a quirky building on Mount Zion.  
Jerusalem Sacred Music Festival (September 9-12), featuring a series of international music performances, including Night Stroll, a journey of colorful music encounters throughout the Old City of Jerusalem, a women’s choir from the Mayotte Island, a sunrise concert Israeli singer Ehud Banai and a concert by Aziza Brahim and The Chabab Al Andalous Orchestra, a 10-piece ensemble which plays traditional Moroccan music, among others, in various venues in Jerusalem, including the Tower of David Museum, Zedekiah’s Cave and the YMCA.
“We are more excited than ever to welcome travelers to Jerusalem to discover the exciting lineup of art, culture and music-focused events taking place this summer as part of the Jerusalem Calendar of Culture 2014,” said Haim Gutin, Israel Commissioner for Tourism, North and South America. “With the city’s collection of five-star and boutique hotels, thriving culinary scene and unprecedented collection of historic holy sites, there is no better time than now to visit my hometown of Jerusalem.”

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