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Frostbite is a one man rock band and constantly evolving portfolio of an emerging Atlanta based producer, experienced performer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter named Chris Compton. Chris Compton writes, performs, produces and releases all Frostbite material under his own dark moniker. Drawing  influences by suspected artists such as Carnivore, A Pale Horse Named Death, Seventh Void and Paradise Lost the music of Frostbite strums a chord at the core of what made 90’s hard rock so mesmerizing, fusing it with new frenetic style and creative exploration.

This is such a complex, amazing and dramatic CD what else can I say in the end? Everything I Crave by Frostbite is more than amazing and dramatic, it’s also extremely suspenseful and has a sad ring of truth to it. It has a very quirky-dark quality to it as well The intro track “Nightmare” and “The Name of Blasphemy” gives you the impression as if you were in some kind of  motion picture with its musical presence. The really vivid, yet emotional charged guitar/synth evolves into a great opener reminiscent of acts such as John Linneli, Lemon Demon and Jonathan Coulton. Frostbite headed up by Compton has a really strong tonal foundation coupled with heavy rhythms, intense sound effects and guitars with spaced out goodness vocally. The vocals from Compton are well executed and the lyrics are to say the least interesting. It’s pretty diverse. Without a doubt, it’s impossible to deny the superiority of this band consisting of Compton (mainly in studio). The drums and the bass lines just help push the CD/album forward, and the vibe, if you pay attention carefully, has a really odd, mysterious, X-File, spacey sort of vibe to it. As the CD evolves it showcases some dramatic combinations of rhythm guitar fused with Electonic-Prog Rock overtones on tracks like “Reach Out”, “Lullaby” and the title track. The drum/synth/vocal tandems have an important role on all pieces as well.  On many these tracks Compton is clearly in charge of giving the mood assigned to each song. The addition of the well partitioned segments gives many song a prog-rock touch. However I do wish I heard a few more solos throughout – I only recall maybe 1 or 2.  Compton doe sa good jon an vocal layering and harmonizing.

My favorite track is by far title track. 

In conclusion, here’s a CD release I’ve been dying to get my hands on for a while. I was just unable to stumble across it until today. It’s also very subliminal, and a grand concept that’s sure to get many peoples attention. From the production level, to the musicianship involved, “Everything I Crave” by Frostbite (Chris Compton) delivers in grand fashion.  With the advent of this artist/band to mainstream metal, with their superlative signature sound and trademark moniker, everything here works terrifically well. It will keep you in a state of positive wonderment from start to finish.

Rating 8/10 Stars

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Score: 4/5 Stars

by Thomas Raley.  Edited by Janne Zawa
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