Rustie returns this summer with second album Green Language, a follow-up to his 2011 highly lauded debut album Glass Swords.
This record is more personal and mature in nature, marked by Rustie’s transition from London back to his hometown of Glasgow, and choosing to only work with those that he has a personal and musical connection to including friend Danny Brown, Numbers cohort Redinho, and UK grime MC legend D Double E. Green Language reflects his early love of shoegaze, grime, trance and Dirty South hip-hop, and despite these wide-ranging reference points, Rustie is of one mind when it comes to explaining what he’s trying to express with his beats. He wants to reflect the euphoria he felt during raves he attended as a teen, and the joy he gets from making music. And he’d like his music to be personal to others that listen to it, too. It is his ability to exude emotional depth from in-your-face beats that is the core of his music, and belies his quiet, shy nature in person. “A big part of music for me is to say things that you can’t say with words,” he admits.

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