“Most Ghouls Agree” is the second track from Truthers’ upcoming 7″ Single – to be released on Tuesday, July 8th by the newly formed Bushwick label, Glad Tidings From New York. 300 copies of sky blue marbled vinyl will be available at the time of release and are currently up for pre-order on the label’s Big Cartel Site. Truthers have become known for their 50’s and 60’s style of shoegaze pop music laden with staccato guitar riffs and breezy, sing-along falsetto hooks – typically strung together in ominous discord.

“Most Ghouls Agree”

Their new single, “Most Ghouls Agree” begins with a simple, airy, and open feel that quickly fills out with Truthers signature haunting-yet-poppy sound. According to the band, “the song is about being at a party full of dead people convinced that cruelty, wit, and theatre are their only weapons against death but then while you’re talking to ellen stewart you notice this girl and ask her out on a date wherein you start out as coffin worms and end up as caribbean water above sunken skulls”

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