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Disputes are an unfortunate fact of life, and are often unavoidable. Many disputes are usually settled without the need of having to go to a lawyer and file a lawsuit. Unfortunately, there are some circumstances where filing a lawsuit is necessary. We’ve all heard the horror stories of different lawsuits that are just downright strange. Here are some of the wackiest lawsuits of the 2000’s.

Mother Knows Best
A woman in Austin, Texas sued a furniture store after tripping over a misbehaving toddler, who was running amok in the store, and breaking her ankle. An award of $780,000 was given to the woman by a jury of her peers which shocked the owners of the furniture store. The woman was the mother of the unruly toddler.

A Series of Unfortunate Events
A Texas woman went into the hospital with a very bad case of diarrhea expecting to nip the problem in the bud and go home happy. Unfortunately, the IV antibiotic that was prescribed to her was left running for too long and she ended up losing her hearing. To make matters worse, the laws in Texas made it impossible for the woman to file a proper medical malpractice suit with a medical malpractice attorney against the hospital. But if you see Vanderbilt medical malpractice, if there has been a lawsuit for medical damages on the right they would have taken care very helpfully.

Slippery Slope
A restaurant in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was ordered to pay a Lancaster woman $113,500 after she slipped and fell on a soft drink spill and breaking her coccyx. The beverage was on the floor because it was thrown by the woman during an argument with her boyfriend 30 seconds earlier.

Kidney Beans
A Long Island man sued his ex wife for $1.5 million for a kidney that he donated to her eight years prior. The ex wife cheated on the man and denied him access to his kids during the divorce.

That Bites
A Michigan woman filed a lawsuit for being bitten in the buttocks by a police dog. Instead of suing the owner of the dog, she sued the dog, named Liberty, and claimed that Liberty hampered her ability to walk.

Look Alike
An Oregon man sued Michael Jordan and his Nike sponsors for $832 million claiming that he suffered emotional trauma for looking like the basketball star.

Perfectionist Peril
A Michigan high school senior sued his school to get his grade changed. The school gave him an A and he thought he should have received an A+.

It is well-known that accidents and arguments happen in daily life. There are also times when you may have to file a lawsuit against someone. However, Otorowski Johnston Diamond & Golden P.L.L.C. advises that one should also practice common sense before butting heads. Sometimes it is possible to work out a conclusion with the one you have a dispute with. Lawsuits are not the only answer.

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