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Each year, there are hundreds of on-road collisions involving cars and motorcycles. Due to the fact that a motorcycle offers little protection to the rider, a large percentage of these accidents are fatal. If you find yourself driving near a motorcycle, you must be very cautious. Even a minor fender-bender could cause the motorcyclist to become seriously injured. Here are some things you need to know when driving around bikers.

Be Careful When Changing Lanes
Always double check your mirrors when attempting to change lanes. The small dimensions of a motorcycle can easily become hidden in a driver’s blind-spot. Before making any sudden moves, be sure that you are aware of the motorcycle’s position.

Watch out for Reckless Motorcyclists
If you notice a motorcyclist riding recklessly, do not hesitate to contact the police. A bike that is traveling at an excessive speed jeopardizes everyone’s safety. Lane splitting is another illegal maneuver that is commonly performed by some motorcycle riders. The basic traffic laws must be obeyed at all times.

Respect the Rights of Motorcyclists
Whether you like it or not, motorcyclists have a right to travel on the public roadways. When driving on the street, do not ever attempt to bully or harass a motorcycle rider. All motorists are encouraged to show each other a certain amount of respect.

Increase the Following Distance
Never make the mistake of following too close to the rear of a motorcycle. The compact size of a motorcycle enables it to stop a lot quicker than the average car. If an inattentive driver fails to notice a biker slowing down, they could accidentally crash into the motorcycle.

Always use Your Signal
Some drivers have developed a bad habit of failing to use their signal lights. The use of the signal lights is especially important when traveling around motorcycles. Whether you are changing lanes or merging into traffic, always signal your intentions. This helps the motorcyclist to adjust their speed accordingly.

Find an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer
If you obey the traffic laws and practice defensive driving strategies, you should be able to remain accident-free. However, it is always a good idea to be prepared for the worst. In the event that your vehicle collides with a motorcycle, Taylor and Blair personal injury lawyers in Vancouver will help you to obtain an insurance claim. Talk to a firm near you to make sure they know the laws in your area.

Sharing the road is something that every motorist must learn to do. Although driving around bikers may pose a challenge, you can remain safe by taking the proper precautions.


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