Hello there good people of the planet earth. Before we begin I must say that the violence I see online and on TV is frightening. I am shocked and a bit naive that humans can still be so brutal and cruel in 2014, wow. I must tell a funny story, as I heard the new single “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea I swear I thought Da Brat had a new hit single. Then I realized it was the I-G-G-Y and I was impressed how she has that southern sound being Australian. For those that have not heard, Amazon is entering the music streaming service for Prime members. For music consumers this is awesome but I am not sure how artists will be paid. I hope Jeff Bezos takes care of the musicians. Love them ot hate them Ticketmaster, a division of Live Nation Entertainment, launched their completely new mobile app for the iPhone, allowing fans access to all of their available, verified ticket options for sale from venues, fans and other resellers. Fans with iOS 7 can download the new Ticketmaster App for free in the iTunes store. Anything that makes buying tickets easier is cool with me. Now lets get to my guests today from Eugene, OR by the name of Edewaard. This foursome create a smooth, melodic, and laid back sound that I just eat up. The guys just put out ‘Never Take Back’ and it has not left my PC. Join us this week as we chat on releasing the album on Earth Day, booking shows, Hillary in 2016, and so much more. I sure hope to see Edewaard on the east coast soon!

Stoli: Where are we talking from today and how is your week going so far?

Eugene, Oregon. My week is great. Enjoying the weather!

Stoli: Give us a brief history of your journey into music and at what age did you know that this was your passion?

I started playing guitar at 16, then the rest is history. I taught myself to sing, to play drums, piano, & bass. Then moved on to learning production & song-writing when I was about 18. I’ve been doing it ever since.

Stoli: The band was a solo project but now it is a full band. How did you find the right guys with the same ambition & vision to join you?

Well I had gone to school with Jason, Jered, & Brennon growing up. Brennon, Jason & I started a band together called ‘Reclaiming Jane’ in 2009. Unfortunately it disbanded in 2010, & so I then went on to produce records for other artists for a few years; while writing music on the side. Until ‘Edewaard’ came to fruition.

Stoli: How many times per week can you all get together and focus on music and do you also have work/school/family?

We get together as much as possible. All members work vigorously to perfect their parts in their free time, either to demos I’ve recorded, or via the bands’ songbook. Then we come together to see how it all works.

Stoli: How does it feel when you realize that music fans and checking on you and loving what they hear?

It’s a great feeling. I’ve always said I’d rather have 50 die-hard fans than 500 people who “like” us.

Edewaard – “Mr. Niceguy”

Stoli: You guys put out the new self-titled album last month. What made you release that on Earth Day and how is the response so far?

It’s been fantastic. We sold out our first shipment within days & they’ve been selling like hotcakes on iTunes ever since. My thoughts behind wanting it released on Earth Day was purely marketing based. I wanted to release it on a day that everyone respects, but doesn’t necessary celebrate; so when April 22nd rolled around folks were scratching their heads saying, “Hmm Earth Day…something was supposed to come out today…what was it…OH YEAH! Edewaard’s new CD!” Not to mention Earth Day starts with an ‘E’!

Stoli: How long were you writing & recording the songs for this album?

I wrote those songs in about 6 months. Then we tracked the songs live in the studio over the course of a week or so. I wanted the album to sound raw with very little overdubbing. Very reminiscent of the analog days. I then spent roughly two weeks mixing it. Once mixed, I brought them to my long-time friend & production associate Matthew Feltes to master the tracks and bring them up to par aesthetically.

Stoli: I love your song “Whiskey & Coke.” When did you write that song and what is your favorite bourbon?

I actually wrote the hook/chorus for it when I was 19, then dusted it off and added a couple verses when I went in to record the self-titled. My favorite bourbon is Pendleton by far (Whiskey). But I’m not much of a drinker these days. It’s probably been about 2 years since I’ve had any hard alcohol.

Stoli: You guys play live a lot. Who handles booking shows for the band, and what is the best method for getting fans to come out and have a fun night?

Booking shows is a team effort these days. Everyone in the band is constantly on the look-out for new venues & new opportunities to play. We’ve found the best way to reach out to fans is our website & social media. You can’t go wrong. There’s nostalgia in busking, but where I’m from, it typically becomes invasive.

Stoli: It looks like Hillary Clinton will run for president in 2016. I feel like the US needs someone totally new who stands for the American people and not the NWO/Corporations/Lobby. What say you?

Personally, regardless of political stand points, I think we can all agree we no longer want “families” in the white house. No Clintons, no Bushs, no Kennedy’s. Also, the problems won’t magically stop when the President changes. There are a LOT of house changes that need to be made. But I’m no politician. I’m sure it’s a very gray area when you’re dealing with an entire country…

Stoli: Will there be a music video for any songs on this new album?

Yep! We are in the pre-production & designing phase of one as we speak (for Dixie’s Fire)

Stoli: What is coming up for Edewaard and where are you @ online?

Lots of shows, another tour (perhaps international), music video, & another EPIC Rock n’ Roll album! You can find our music on, or on iTunes, Rhapsody, & Spotify. You can also create an ‘Edewaard’ channel on your Pandora.


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