Laura Sailer, Stop the Tide


Laura Sailer is a karaoke aficionada and singer-guitarist with extensive formal musical training. Aside from teaching elementary music, she provides private lessons in voice, piano, and guitar.

Her musical style hovers somewhere between Joni Mitchell and Ani DiFranco. She’s played guitar for seven years, but is modest enough to admit that DiFranco is a “way better guitarist,” so much so that Ms. Sailer would “chop off [her own] boobs to be able to play like her.”

On a less masochistic note, Sailer has been performing professionally in the Toledo area for about five years, and has also appeared on Fox Toledo News.

Boobs still intact, we now have her fourth album, and it’s called Stop the Tide.


The track “Saving Myself for a Rainy Day” brings a soft acoustic melody with pleasant-sounding vocals that can fluidly climb an octave. This song has an element of the playful, though lyrically it seems there is at least a bit of tension in the air: “When you’re out there waiting to splash mud on my face.”

“Ode to Blondie” sounds like a fine idea for a song. Blondie deserves the tribute. This particular ode has a stop-and-go pace at first. Around the 1:00 mark, the pace changes and things feel a bit more wistful and contemplative.


In the appropriately-titled track “Happy,” the speaker is sharing her sense of exhilaration. The vocals eventually take on a freestyle exuberance.

There is something eminently soothing about the track “Sleep, My Angel.”

The track “Blind” begins with a simple but engaging acoustic riff. It’s an undeniably tender track. Same could be said for “Jerk!” despite the defiant spunkiness of its title.

There is a tender current running through this album. As the musician herself says: “Most of the songs are deeply personal, including songs about forbidden love, a first love, an infant loss, and one about my husband, that long-lasting, forever love.”

Sufficient fodder indeed.

In sum, I say this album is an earnest and likeable affair.

Do you dare to ‘stop the tide’?

Ray Cavanaugh –

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