Richmond, VA- born DEAD FAME have recently released their new powerhouse video for the single, “Joan Crawford.” The song is off their buzzworthy new EP, Vicious Design (Human Records), and is directed by David O’Dell. Channeling a bit of vintage 1980s music videos, Dead Fame delivers with this captivating piece that will quickly draw your attention.
The idea for the video came to life when Dead Fame’s synth player, Christopher DeNitto, who went to school for film editing, came across a slasher film from 1979 called The Driller Killer. With a perfect late 70s No Wave feel to the footage, it brought on the inspiration for the video, which also happened to be public domain and ready to use. Director O’Dell loved the idea, and they ran with it. What they created is one of the most intriguing videos you will see this year.
Watch the Video for “Joan Crawford,” HERE:

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