Steve Ryan, Boundless Moments


Steve Ryan has an entire catalog of music and has added yet another gem to his collection with, Boundless Moments. This Georgia born musician started at an early age honing his craft and his talents are as boundless as the musical moments on this CD.

Ryan, pours his heart and soul into each song with die hard conviction. He sells each note with his soulful style and grace. He has pure vocals that cut straight to your heart. He sings with sincerity as he tells his stories of love. The track, Still in Love With You, is a perfect example of his ability to convey raw true emotions. He nails each note and vocal trills with precise perfection.


Every song has a top notch professional production. Each instrument sings as lovely as his voice and wraps around the content, creating a perfect marriage of prosody. I personally like the slower songs more so than the dance mixes. One of my personal favorites is, Say It Aint So, due to its soft simplicity. Don’t get me wrong the up tempo ones are good, but for my personal preference, I feel he sells the ballads from a deeper emotional place.


Steve Ryan has quite the catalog and clearly writes and records for no other reason than the love of the music. I cannot say his sound is unique, but it is a beautiful addition to your typical R&B that we have been enjoying for years. His latest release, Boundless Moments is as honest and enjoyable as any past releases and I always look forward to hearing what he has up his sleeve next.

I rate this 4 out 5

Rebecca Hosking –

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