Dyanne Harvey, Whiskey & Wine


Dyanne Harvey harnesses the familiar tones of Sara Bareilles and Celine Dion and delivers her own brand of country tinged soft rock on her sophomore EP, Whiskey & Wine.

Opening with ‘Nothin’ New’, things start off pretty easy going, with a emotive piano and Dyanne’s voice coming across as clean and strong. It’s not long before the song cranks things up with some crunchy guitars and pumping drums, and the vocals push it harder with some powerful notes that make the hook on the chorus all the more effective.

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Title track ‘Whiskey & Wine’ is a swaying waltz, blending elements of country, R&B, and jazz. As the song builds, Dyanne Harvey is more than a match for the considerable instrumentation, with her lower tones cutting through to carve a groove of emotion deep into the track.

‘Run’ picks up the pace as a fun number with a Yiddish feel and a squealing guitar part, while ‘Truth Be Told’ leans closely to Demi Lovato’s ‘Skyscraper’, which was covered in 2013 by British X-Factor winner Sam Bailey – who also displayed influences from artists like Celine Dion. ‘Truth Be Told’ is a strong pop track in its own right, with a powerful chorus and another entrancing guitar solo that perfectly encapsulates the song’s tone.

Whiskey & Wine concludes with ‘Don’t Grow Old Without Me’, a ballad that integrates classic country elements – the lap steel is a beautiful addition, and complement’s Dyanne Harvey’s voice as she croons softly yet with strength and confidence.


By: Chris Marsh

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