Monique Brumby sunlight low res

Iconic Australian singer, songwriter and ARIA award winner, Monique Brumby has announced the release of a new single, Silent War alongside her self-titled, fifth studio album.  Brumby will be hitting the road to celebrate the releases, kick starting in Launceston (Tas) on June 14 and moving through Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Hepburn Springs, Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Brisbane, back through Tasmania once more and completing the tour in Melbourne at the Flying Saucer Club on August 16.

Three years in the making and recorded mostly at her Melbourne home studio, Silver Dollars, the self-titled album was co-produced by Brumby and her music colleague and producer Nick Larkins.  With a strong emotional charge and an autobiographical theme, Brumby’s lyrics speak mostly about the positivity in overcoming adversity.  “I feel like I’ve had a lot to overcome in my career; being signed to a major record label at such young age then to go out on my own and make records independently for the past 15 years has had its challenges,” explains Brumby.  “I’ve also had a lot to overcome on a personal level. Acceptance of self, dealing with grief, falling in and out of love, striving to be better; these are universal themes and I know that most people can relate to these topics.”


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