Plastic Yellow Band, Breathe Air


Plastic Yellow Band is celebrating their debut CD, Breathe Air. This Rock Band out of South Carolina is coming to you with conviction and grace. They want to turn you into a believer and I say, they are making a good start.

Opening the CD with the song, Lonely Place sets the mood right away. It starts with a soft touch and builds from the inside out. Then they smack you in the face with a Beatles style jam that forces you on your feet in, She’s My Woman. The entire CD is a mix of highs and lows, hard core and gentleness. You can certainly hear influences from some of the greats resulting in a beautiful recreation of what makes rock-n-roll what it was then and what we love about it today.

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Gerald Jennings, the front man and main writer of the band recorded and produced all songs at ISI studios, except for two tracks being mastered at Abbey Road. This band can rock you to the core, then bring you down an emotional landslide that has the potential to provoke you to tears. The song, I Want to feel Your Love is a perfect example of this tenderness and is sung by a soft angelic voice that is an unexpected pleasantness.

Plastic Yellow Band made an incredible debut that may be tough to top, but I feel confident they will have no problem making a lasting musical career. The contribution they have added to the music world is a project to be proud of and I look forward to hearing more.

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I rate this 4 out 5

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