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Brighton, UKbased singersongwriter releases his new single “Fortune”, a contemporary folk track off his upcoming EP, The Moon and I. Already a popular mainstay in the London music scene, Knox and his fourpiece band are best known for fusing contemporary folk music with elements of punk, country and altrock music, as demonstrated in the song “Fortune.”

Knox sings,
Fortune is faint in the hearts of the cruel
Stuck in their heads thinking they are still in school
Your hipster kicks are shallow as the waters you swim


When speaking of the inspiration for the tune, Knox says he, “wanted to have a go at the vain, selfie culture that I’ve grown up in and the way young people seem more selfinvolved
each year. This is something I’ve noticed in myself just as much as in people around me.” Though the singer says it was good to get it off his chest, it is just as much a way of motivating himself to be better and kinder.


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