ThreeStateFamous, Suburban Street Trash


The new album from Three State Famous, Suburban Street Trash, is a non-stop tour of all-out rock’n’roll. Making use of every rock trick in the book, it’s hard not to find something you’ll like provided you have a reasonable tolerance for the genre.

Swaying between blues, country and at times hair metal, Three State Famous kick out the jams with apparent ease, swearing like a trooper all over album opener ‘Low Life’, which blasts the record into life.


Moving straight into the lower-key ‘Sleeping In Forever’, the guitars are smoother and once the chorus arrives things move worryingly close to easy-listeing territory, with some guitar licks that nod towards Hendrix’s ‘All Along The Watchtower’.

‘Cuts Lower’ adds a very welcome piano to the mix, sounding low and moody and adding a huge helping of swagger in the more traditional sense. At points things sound like something Noel Gallagher might come up with these days.

Heading into even more beautifully delicate territory, ‘Butterfly’ is a touching country track that starts sound like ‘WaterUnder The Bridge’ but the quick introduction of a harmonica moves it more towards Bob Dylan and Paul Simon.

‘Make It Out Alive’ has the component parts of many of the tracks found on R.E.M.’s Monster, and yet it stands out as its own track on its own terms. With an overdriven vocal and a swirling hammond organ, its a moody track that works well as a taster for the general tone found across the entire album.

By: Chris Jones

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