Hello to the world. Today is a really nice day here in New England as we got to watch the Boston Marathon yesterday and we saw what a beautiful day & tradition that is. You know I was reading the Wall Street Journal and they were talking about Richard Branson and his new venture, Virgin Hotels. It got me thinking how amazing this man is as an entreprenuer and how it all started with his passion & love for music. His story gets me inspired everyday to keep pushing & going for it nomatter what your passion is. In music news today on behalf of the major music labels, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) filed a civil lawsuit against and its main operators for engaging in massive copyright infringement of sound recordings. I feel that artists should be paid for their art. I also feel that the industry should look at how they can use the model to help promote and generate revenue for the artists. This reminds me of the vs. CBS case starting today. Now lets get to the music of the beautiful & talented Kasha. Kasha has been doing music all her life and around age 16 she went for it 100%. I caught wind of her from her single “I Want You” and have been stalking her since. Join us today as Kasha speaks on putting real life in music, keeping her vocals sharp, losing her mom at 14, and so much more!

Stoli: Where are we talking from today and are you enjoying this warmer spring weather?

Yes I am enjoying this wonderful weather.

Stoli: Would you say you are more creative when the weather is warm or cold or does it not matter?

It really does not matter what the weather is, I have so much to write about.

Stoli: Is Kasha your real name and at what age did you realize that music was your passion and something you wanted to pursue?

Kasha is my real name and as a child at 4 I was singing and dancing. At the age of 16 I wanted to continue pursuing my dream of becoming a singer.

Stoli: How much do your family/friends help support your musical ambitions and what music did you grow up listening to?

My family and friends support me. I grew up listening to Aretha Franklin,Tina Turner Frank Sanitaria,Lionel Richie and much more.They was my mother favorite singers.

Stoli: You lost your mom at age 14. How did that change your life and do you believe your mom looks down over you like an angel in your corner?

As I put it in my bio everything just slowed down. This tragedy of losing my back bone. But in reality I knew my mother would’ve wanted me to continue what she started, and that is just what I had to do. Years later I look back and say to myself anything is possible.

“I Want You”

Stoli: I am loving the video and song for “I Want You.” What inspired you to write that song and is about a certain special someone?

This song is not about me personally. I just write about things that happens to people in general.

Stoli: How much of your real life are you willing to share in your music and what mood do you do your best writing?

I can’t put a percentage on how much will I share, because I am in the public eye there’s no hidden secrets. This is who i am. That is why my life is about ‘I am Kasha.’

Stoli: How do you keep your vocals sharp everyday so that you can perform anytime you need?

Tea and water and vocal training every other day.

Stoli: The recession has been very hard on young black youth with 36% unemployment. What effect does this have on the community and what can be done to help them get work?

I encourage people to keep a clear and positive outlook on everyday life and to continue to seek work. It may not be the same line of work, it may be a better job then what you had.

Stoli: When you look at Whitney Houston’s career and early passing, what can you learn from that so you do not get caught up in that lifestyle?

I love Whitney Houston and know matter what she was going through I will not judge her downfalls. For myself I will continue keeping good company around.

Stoli: When Kasha is not doing music, what do you enjoy besides music?

I enjoy shopping and vacations and I love animals.

Stoli: What is coming up for Kasha and where you @ online?

I am gearing up to tour.

You can found me online at,,,,,,

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