Convulsic, Love Space


Convulsic has been on the music scene out of San Diego, CA since 2012. His music comes alive in his latest project, Love Space. It has an electronic beat that pumps through your veins. I challenge you to listen without getting up and dancing, it is just not possible.

Close your eyes and imagine being in a dark strobe lit nightclub, then let yourself go and slip into the world of Convulsic. The beats start to spill through the speakers. Then, melodic vocals sing, weaving in and out of each note soaring to new heights. The world around you ceases to exist your now lost in his fantasy. He knows exactly how to get you going with his synthesizers and thumpin jams.

Convulsic – “Love Space Video Trailer”

One song after another it is a constant party from beginning to end. His music is energized and made to entertain. He has created quite the following for himself and has been getting people on the dance floor with his relentless beats.

Even though he is relatively new to the scene, Convulsic has come to play and perfection is what he is bringing. His latest project, Love Space is filling the dance scene with fun pulsating grooves. He is good at what he does and creating a style all his own. It is sure to get you off your ass and on your feet, shaken your money maker until you can’t shake it anymore. Looking for some fun electronic rhythms, then look no further, Convulsic will put you where you need to be, dancing!

I rate this 4 out of 5

Rebecca Hosking –

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