OnPlanetZu, Adventures of Yo Mama


OnPlanetZu is a mishmash of hiphop, dubstep, raggae, hardcore and more and “Adventures of Yo Mama” is one of those party starter albums that makes you want to crank to 11. For those who don’t know who or what OPZ is, it’s another vision from Bazerk frontman Zu. Bazerk recently celebrated their debut “American Made Monster” featuring George Clinton on Steppin’ Out Records earlier this year.

Anyway, OPZ was formed when someone decided to do a dubstep remix of the Bazerk single “Hello America” which became an L.A. favorite. So, onto “Adventures of Yo Mama”…


The fun begins with an intro letting us know what we’re about to experience…

Speakers is like a punk dubstep track mixed with Busta Rhymes and Fishbone or even 24-7Spyz. It’s got some killer switchups “My music rocks harder than yours”…

My Style Be Tha Worst contains some cool synth bass lines and you just gotta hear his lyrics. “Curses, verses, my style be tha worstest…” the choruses are hardcore.

We Be On That Dub Shsh has Zu bustin’ out some crazy lunatic rhymes like those guys that read you the fine print so fast you have no idea that you’re about to buy something that’ll give you cancer. This is ToeJam and Earl on speed.

Stop Watcha Doin’ is a bit on an experimental, with an 8bit intro before jumpin’ into a raggae vibe. It’ll keep you guessin’ what’s up next.

DubZilla has a more traditional dubsteppin’ bassline, repeating the line “Curses, verses, my style be tha worstest…” some of OnPlanetZu’s lyrics are almost thematic throughout as he repeats lines from one song to another, which lends the album a continuity.

Bass America has a Beatie Boys flav, bringin’ it old school, with a modern bass line guiding the track. This one’s for the old heads and it rocks!

Anything Can Happen has an old Eminem sound to it, at least for a few seconds, then things start gettin’ crazy…or crazier?

FLF [Feels Like Friday] Turn Me Up is the odd ball out in that it’s a traditional hiphop track with light dubstep bassdives and a piano driving the track, but Zu kills it on the first verse and there are 2 guest verses by A. Tone da Priest and SUPA who each bring in some interesting takes on the current hiphop scene. This track was produced by upcoming songwriter/producer GALILEE who has collaborated with Zu on a couple of songs, their collab with actress/singer Darcy Donavan has climbed to #9 on iTunes Radio.

Download “got the whole world bouncin’ to my demo, they don’t wanna pay they wanna steal it” … “if it wasn’t for us, the whole world would be quiet”. Some political commentary about the current state of piracy and artists trying to make a living off their art. Don’t worry, though it’s a little preachy it’s still a fun track to bounce to.

Never Heard Of Us slows down the beat and brings back the big bass sound that makes it’s way through the album, then it kicks full swing rock style with a Rage Against The Machine style.

Neighborhood talks about “rat tat tat a pop pop pop” and “you ni**as ain’t from around here” and probably is the most controversial and political, standing up with pride for the ghettos and projects. There’s a bit of some soul felt in the track. Musically it doesn’t stray much from the hiphop genre.

Fire kicks in hardcore “Fire for you, fire for you” just bangs! The 808’s in full swing, the horn samples turn this into full blown party banger.

The album closes with My Shit Knocks “Turn Me Up” a prime way to close out a well rounded and diverse party album that brings a much needed shot in the arm to the dubstep community. Purists be damned, this album rocks, and it rocks hard!!!

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