Chuck Eaton, ‘Tracks’


Chuck Eaton comes with a vast baggage of experience that has endured 30 years, to introduce his music. It has been a long time coming, but the end result is what really matters. Chuck’s debut album “One Million Words” forged twelve original romantic songs, while on his sophomore album, “Lights”, Chuck goes two better, delivering fourteen tracks dedicated to all lovers. The music written and performed by Chuck was arranged and produced by Ribah Nascimento, while being recorded, mixed and mastered in São Paulo-Brazil.

Now 5 years later, Chuck Eaton releases “Tracks”, another 13 songs dedicated to the theme of love. Like a secret treasure found in the bottom of a bargain bin, this is one of those albums that takes it inspiration from the magical singer-songwriter era, of easy listening love songs.

Here on “Tracks”, there is a perfect balance between production and musicianship. You can tell that Chuck Eaton and his crew take great care of how the music is played, and sung. It’s not transcendental or groundbreaking; it’s just simple and effective mood-creating melodies. This resembles one of those sleeves you would have proudly pulled out from the “Adult Contemporary” section in your local record store during the seventies. Clean, honest and pure music, with no cursing or parental advisory warnings!


This is the perfect music to turn the lights down and relax to. Although it has a number of up-tempo tracks like “Private Sky”, “What Went So Wrong”, “Pretty Queen” and “What Has Made You Change” it is still an album that wraps itself around you, cocooning you in an envelope of classy ballads.

Reach out for your favorite nightcap then play through tracks like, “Why Don’t You Come To My Arms”, “One More Reason”, “Stupid Heart”, “It Was Not By Accident” and “Songs Are Like This” to set your loving mood before bedtime.

“L.O.V.E” –

Chuck Eaton is a gifted artist who is quite adept at mixing musical styles and creating a wide array of moods, tones and settings. This collection is certainly no exception. Chuck has a powerful sense of melody — the songs are beautifully crafted with lovely cord changes and arrangements to match.

Sit down, relax, put your headphones on, and just listen to the music. This collection of songs is a quality effort from a veteran songwriter who still has something to say (especially about love). It is direct, sincere, and has Chuck Eaton writing from the heart and singing like it all matters.

Even if you know little about Chuck Eaton, but are into “Adult Contemporary” easy-listening music, I encourage you to listen to “Tracks” with an open mind. I’m confident you will not regret the time you invest.

By: Rick

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