If you’re considering a career as a DJ or producer, the first thing you need to know is the equipment: how to make and mix tracks. When you have the basics down, you can really let your creativity flow, and your career will take off.

At the London Academy of Music Production in Shoreditch, you can take a range of courses that will give you all the technical know-how to add to your natural skills and aptitude for music-making and playing.

London AMP is the leading music academy in the UK, and courses can be as short as just one day or run to six months or a year. The focus is on the individual and the school has trained people from all over the world since opening its doors in 1999.

There are a number of DJ courses available, including an eight-week part-time club course for beginners that will give you all the essential knowledge you need. There’s also an advanced club DJ course that runs for the same period and is also part time.

Among the other offerings for aspiring DJs are a crash course held over a weekend and a two-day crash course on digital DJing using laptops.

For those aiming to become music producers, production courses range from a two-day crash course to an eight-week beginners course to six months for a diploma course.

Among the other courses available at London AMP are sound engineering and music technology and music software, ranging from one day right up to 12 months.

The school has state-of-the-art facilities that were especially constructed for the academy, and it employs the latest in hardware and software to ensure students are knowledgeable about the best that’s available. There are two recording studios, and learning areas are bright and airy and have the newest Apple computers loaded with the latest music software.

In between sessions, students can take a break in a specially designated rest area that is equipped with a kitchen. It provides for a relaxing atmosphere that engenders better learning.

The academy’s tutors are industry professionals, working in such fields as producing, DJing and remixing. Their involvement in their various sectors gives them first-hand knowledge of what’s going on, especially with the changes in technology that are always happening, and this is then passed on to students.

London AMP has all the top facilities and staff to ensure you get the best DJ and producer training available anywhere, putting you on the path to musical success.

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