Margot MacDonald, Canvas


Margot MacDonald’s latest release, Canvas is literally a piece of art. This is her fourth full length CD and the talent shines even brighter than the one before. When you think she has topped herself she comes back with yet another group of songs that leave you astounded. She uses her signature looping to produce a plethora of sounds that tantalizes your ears into a frenzy. She pours her heart out into each song with passion and grace.

MacDonald’s voice has no boundaries. It is soft but piercing, timid but engaging and powerful beyond comprehension. The production is a neatly bound package that conveys a precise artistic style all of her own.

She has beautiful words entwined into this nicely wrapped package. She shows no fear with integral lyrics that paint clear concise pictures of love and loss. Every move is methodically laid out and amazingly executed. Her emotions come through brilliantly expressing universal messages allowing you to place your own story into each song.  

From beginning to end MacDonald entices the listener. There is never a dull moment and always a new surprise around every corner. Each song is a mini movie playing out in such magnificent detail. She has whimsical melodic changes that speak to every sensation imaginable.

Margot MacDonald’s new CD, Canvas goes beyond five stars. I would say it is five plus infinity. I’m floored and astonished by the artistry that is displayed in this compilation of songs. It is a brilliant piece of work that simply shines. I love the light it is illuminating and look forward to a long prosperous career from this amazing young woman.

I rate this 5 out 5

Rebecca Hosking –

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