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Do You Qualify is the latest album available by Lake Charles, Louisiana based Bigg Redd and his red hot Creole Soul sound. First a bit about Bigg Redd: Josef “Bigg Redd” Arline grew up in Hillister, Texas about 45 minutes North of Beaumont, TX and 45 minutes West of Louisiana. Like many vocalists and performers church was the place where, as a young boy growing up in the South, he found his love of music. As he grew in to his teen years, Bigg Redd saw the profound impact, at times spiritual, that his performing had on friends and family. Josef Arline , now performing as “Bigg Redd and Creole Soul” recently released his 2013 CD “Do You Qualify”. On Do You Qualify expect original heartfelt songs via full tilt blues based guitar. He’s accompanied by some amazing musicians and you will hear everything from electric guitar, acoustic guitars, horns, harmonies, percussion, harmonica, R&B style riffs, solos and accordion. The band backing him up is impressive. This is true to form Americana-Blues at its best — served up hot and spicy Cajun Style. I was especially blown away at how all songs drove you naturally towards the chorus with amazing vocal touch an finesse compatible to the peak. I could be wrong but I don’t think Arline really plays anything though except accordion and percussion.   The drums and bass lines just help push songs forward, and the vibe if you pay attention carefully has this retro 70’s blues-pop embellishment. As the CD evolves it showcases a really blues-rock steady line up of songs with musical tidbits like solo guitar licks, and smooth rhythm section. This is such a rocking album what else can I say in the end, it can even transcended space and time. Let me explain. You can easily picture scenes with this music in out door music festival with the smell of crawfish in the air. The intro pieces “Do You Qualify”, “Chiquita Bonita” and “I Can’t Find My Drawz” get things underway smoothly presenting really uplifting, yet emotional charged vocals from Bigg Redd. Music is reminiscent of acts such as The Wild Magnolias

Professor Longhair, Rebirth Brass Band, The Radiators and Little Feat. When Arline hits the chorus on “Hanky Panky” I literally was on the verge of dancing. It was then I realized I heard some classic Muddy Waters and even Dr. John shine through. All songs present really strong melodies and some top tiered vocals from Bigg Redd. Also present lyrics and music about some real life topics — the good, bad and ugly. It’s also impossible to deny the superiority of Bigg Redd as a songwriter and vocalist. In conclusion, here’s an album that quite literally made my day. Pardon me for saying but I get so many boring, un-interesting, overly-forgetful CD’s to review day in and day out. I have been dying to listen to a CD like “Do You Qualify” by Bigg Redd Arline for quite some time. It’s subliminal, it’s epic, it’ a grand concept, it will make you want to dance. Its sure to get your attention. Bigg Redd is magical. From the production to the musicians, to the legendary songs, to Bigg Redd himself — “Do You Qualify” delivers! With the advent of Redd’s latest CD “Do You Qualify” in the ever evolving realm of blues based music it’s nice to know a guy like Arline remembers his musical roots within this genre. Recording Artist, Writer, Producer, Performer- Bigg Redd Arline   –   Bravo, I say!

Rating 5/5 Stars

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Written by Donald Smith. Edited by Heather Savage
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