Margo Rey, This Holiday Night (2013)


Los Angeles Singer/Songwriter Margo Rey just released her latest Christmas EP entitled “This Holiday Night” (2013). This Holiday Night” was co-written by Margo Rey and Barrett Yeretsian (co-writer and producer of Christina Perri’s Jar of Hearts) and is an original composition with the feel of a traditional holiday classic. The other two songs on the EP are seasonal favorites “Silent Night” and “Toyland.” The first track “The Holiday Night” is without a doubt a Pop based Christmas song with a catchy melody showcasing Rey’s superb and clean vocal delivery. Along the way one will notice impressive nylon string guitars and eloquent Piano. In fact some listeners might think that her approach is a little too “clean” or classical, which could turn off anyone expecting an ounce of Sonic Pop, You simply won’t get that on “This Holiday Night” as her vocal ability is out of that league. The short but sweet collection of songs is very compatible with Rey’s impressive mystique and vocal ability and will intrigue many. Personally, the Intrigue” quality struck me as I was listening to it, mainly because I wanted to see a face to the voice. The cover picture of Rey was everything I Expected. Typically you can find me posted up with my laptop with a choice beverage perusing the web while digging into new and fresh Christmas music across REVERBNATION. As “The Holiday Night” breathed gently out of my speakers, it captivated me and inspired me to get into the Christmas spirit and yes I played it in the background during a family Dinner. Track 2 “Toy Land” get more Jazzy and shows Rey has a very appealing Mezzo Soprano timber, and a brilliant falsetto. This is the perfect music for these types of background activities. This Holiday Night delivers 3 Top Flight performances from Rey and her band. The best songs are the ones where Rey delivers the Jazzy-Folk persona. The CD also allowed me to indulge into memories of my childhood when I used to listen to Paula Cole, Gloria Estefan and Dar Williams. While I’m definitely pleased with the smooth, easy-to-digest sounds of this release, I am only disappointed there was not 10 more tracks to digest. This is my only complaint. This Holiday Night by Margo Rey is an impressive EP from an impressive talent within her own right. Everything about this release speaks world class professionalism. This EP was just the escape I was looking for, while Rey’s vocals and R&B, Jazz Pop persona washed over me it really brightened up my night. I am 100% confident it ill do the same for you.

Score: 10/10


Final rating: 5/5 Stars

Levi Colston edited by Heather Savage
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