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Hailing from an unspecified “great city on the sea,” current Londoner Valentina Keys launched her musical quest at the wee age of 6. Through her early and extensive exposure to piano and singing, she came to regard music as its own language — and not just any old language, but “the greatest language ever given to man.”

Owing to her avid pursuit of man’s ‘greatest language,’ we now have her debut album “Love Is…” A primary theme of this work is Keys’s “never-tiring desire to define the undefinable boundaries of love.” She well understands that, despite such swell inventions as a “Google map app on the iPhone,” people still so often become “lost” from one another.

Themes aside, let’s have a listen…

The track “December Rain” launches with a fluid, slightly solemn piano piece. It’s a good score, as it damn well better be if you’re (ostensibly) tryin’ to one-up the legendary ballad “November Rain.”


The track “Who Am I” is more festive-sounding. For a few moments in the beginning, there’s almost something of a gypsy flair. Is that an according in the background? Keys’s vocals flawlessly proceed from spoken-word to high-flying acrobatics. Some interesting piano work is provided during the outro.

Beautiful piano work introduces the track “I Asked an Angel.” Pay attention to the part beginning at 0:38. You might wish to savor the vocals here. And, for that matter, the first bit of lyrics are poetically romantic: “I asked an angel: ‘How long is the night.’” Yeah, to put it bluntly, this song has a lot to offer: it merges classical artistry with a keen pop sensibility.

Oh my, the track “Sober Love” is more than a lil’ change of pace. Ms. Keys has gone Lady Gaga on us! By the way, I’ve been informed that this dance-happy track is “going to be aired all of November on Skope Radio, and has already been aired on other independent radio stations.”

Less dance-infused, but every bit as sensual, is the mixed rendition of the track “Meant to Be.” And the track “Believe,” her newest offering, showcases one heck-of-a wild backing accompaniment.

Valentina is also now working with the top industry favourite producer Stuart Epps who produced all of early Elton and worked with other major recording artists such as Robbie Williams, Paul Weller and Chris Rea.

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