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Eric Michot has an alter ego called “Mr. Kito.” And this Mr. Kito: “represents a person who became aware of his ego and through acceptance is aware of his inner self.”

Michot a.k.a. Mr. Kito is a South African resident of French heritage who, having “played extensively” in the local music scene, began producing his own songs last year. The audience has been widespread to say the least: France, Sweden, Japan, Australia and Russia are among the nations where Mr. Kito has enjoyed radio play. Rumor has it that he’s also garnered some “290,000 online fans.” Perhaps this number will increase, for Mr. Kito has released the album The Middle of Everything.

The track “Broken Arrow” starts with a good deal of tension. Then it gets a bit eccentric. The speaker himself seems unsure about things: “Every morning when I mourn the night and I forget who I am.”

The track “Time on My Hand” has a rather active beginning. Then it gets pretty chill. The speaker seems like he might want to lose himself: “Our time and attention, can we forget it?”

Such song titles as “Illusion of a World” add to a sense of distortion. Around 2:35 things get pretty weird; it’s engaging in its own different way. Am a fan of the percussion. Never know quite where it’s headed.

“in his own time”

The track “Little Sun” has more of an upbeat feel. However, our speaker seems to be in something of an aberrant psychological state: “Comprehension zero and let go, I am climbing off the roof.”

The album’s title track offers a good suspenseful guitar riff.

Also suspenseful is the synthesizer riff which launches the track “The Witch and the Hunter.” The lyrics here are kinda trippy and metaphysical: “Contemplation, having reason to compromise, I’m feeling fine / Within my mind, breathing, absence of idea.” In the song’s latter part, a different — more playful-sounding — synthesizer riff takes the forefront.

“Wait and Turn” is the most dynamic-sounding track. Have a listen to the highly energetic synth bit at the song’s beginning.  

The track “Wake Up” has a good deal of energy as well, which I suppose is appropriate, given the song’s title.  





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