Wet Denim is the much-anticipated, self-titled debut from Halifax’s all female four-piece Wet Denim. The band has made the first single, “Leisure,” available for download HERE. With infectious chemistry, each member has contributed to the creative process, sharing ownership of the songs and their arrangements. With a keen sensibility to sound, the soaring harmonies and sincere instrumentation creates a pop-infused warmth that simultaneously make you want to swim in the ocean and dance into the night.
Recorded and produced by Evan Cardwell with Wet Denim, “Leisure” leads the way onto the dance floor with loose grooves and cosmic vocals. “Take a Walk” is an introspective journey down a sunny forest path. “Wayne’s World” is your beachcomber. “My Guy” is a foray into the garage rock styling of the 60s. “Demagnetize” opens the album with a hopefully melancholy, which builds to a glowing blaze.
Download Wet Denim’s “Leisure”:


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