January Blu, Trip to the Moon


January Blu is a California based singer-songwriter who just released her latest single entitled “Trip to the Moon” (2013). Her sound is a hybrid of contemporary pop fused with better touches of Maroon 5/The Cardigans-esque instrumentation. First a bit about Blue. In her own words: I was born in January on the sand of surf city. Music was all around me, the sound of waves crashing, wind gusting and my father ripping on the piano while serenading my mother. At age 8 I saw the Sound of Music performed live on stage; I thought to myself …”this is home”. So here I am, little miss sunshine singing to the beat of my own drum.   Trip to the Moon is a short but sweet song with well-appointed, commercially viable vibe with strong vocals, tight harmonies and a consistent groove. Blu’s vocals are finely balanced within the mix, and her range — which includes an especially appealing higher register, is artfully defined while still layered quite nicely in the pocket. With this track, all instruments are showcased as a genuine sonic pop contender within their class of electro-infused neo-R&B. Trip to the Moon is a true to form alt-pop song that successfully captures the vintage love song dynamic, without falling into the vocalist-with-supporting-arrangement trap. Throughout the piece one will notice a tragic-pop sweetness and blooming hooks all the while maintaining an intimate “super sonic” feel. “Trip to the Moon” is undeniably love based with a Summer vibe courtesy of an irresistible beat and infectious vocal honey coated flavoring. This song is more than ripe for a licensing deal. Blu is young and has a strong visual. In “Trip to the Moon: there is no overdubbing or disappointingly amateurish mixing with a disingenuous attempt at making a hit. It is a high-quality, clean recording that balances out both natural and midi sounds flawlessly. There’s a slight distinct compression that isn’t too intrusive through i-pod head phones, but this is noticeable through high-end speakers and may be worth addressing. Maybe the beat is a bit synthetic lacking variety. The chorus though effective is not up to the level of some of the best and hookiest in pop. Blu’s vocals need less sheen and more attention to low-end. The rhythmic base is a bit under-served in the mix and would benefit from having his drum tracks cut through the mix more. Blu has a great deal of potential for widespread appeal, as this track picks up steam this year. As a whole, it’s an impressive song within this over crowded genre. (I’m secretly hoping she ends up being swooned by a Movie Music Supervisor as I can here this as a theme song for a Prime Time TV series). January Blu has got talent and has as bright future ahead of her, even perhaps brighter than her past, or the moon for that matter. Regardless – in the end “Trip to the Moon” proves that with continued dedication and a powerful song a dream can be fully realized thus bringing even more commercial success to artists——-that truly deserve it.

BANDCAMP: http://januarymalkus.bandcamp.com/track/trip-to-the-moon

Official rating: 3.5/5

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/JanuarySounds

Written by Marc Rambis. Edited by Michael Rand.
Review comments: therandbrand@gmail.com

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