Holly Elle, Leopardess EP


Holly Elle, a Canadian classically trained singer with a passion for pop, brings to the U.S. a unique twist on modern mainstream music. Her latest 5 song EP entitled “Leopardess” was released in 2013. Leopardess is a carefully crafted collection of catchy songs showcasing the best in modern day pop artisanship that creates a solid foundation for memorable and uplifting songs. There’s also clear-defined messages about love and life itself that will sure to have a positive and carefree impact on many listeners. First a bit about Elle: Elle describes herself as a girl who loves to act silly and have fun, but also has a strong, fierce side. This side of her is portrayed perfectly through this release. Growing up, Elle frequented the music parties held by her parents, where they shared the European folk music of their childhood. They also introduced Elle and her siblings to music from their era such as the Beatles, ABBA and Elton John. Since moving to Nashville, Elle has made big strides in establishing a successful music career; receiving a bachelor’s degree in Music Business at Belmont University, performing several writers’ round nights at local venues, auditioning for FOX’s hit series, Glee, and releasing an EP entitled “Infinitude”. A song from the EP, entitled “Don’t Come Home”, was featured on the finale of MTV’s Real World: San Diego. Another major accomplishment on Elle’s path up happened when Music Connection Magazine listed Elle as one of their Hot 100 Unsigned Artists of 2012. Elle attributes much of this success to the production super-group/music development company, Zodlounge, which she has been working with over the last few years. Right from the first moments of Track 1 “Predator” Elle proudly stands by her words delivering a hard hitting vocal performance via this enticing opener. You can definitely hear a little Dance Pop, Power Pop jazz, and even a slight blues within her music and vocal delivery. I see Elle as a modern day Barbra Streisand or Better Midler but with a sharper modern day pop edge. You can also get a true sense of where Elle has gotten her past inspiration from. What’s more her voice has a warm and inviting quality to it reminiscence of female empowered Jazz artists such as Vanessa Williams, Holly Cole and Robin McKelle. Elle also takes many impressive vocal risks throughout the EP indicating to me a strong and confident vocal ability. The first few tracks “Predator”, “Seeing Red” and “You Deserve a Song” are the perfect beginning. “Wann Be Loved” with its simplistic yet honest message and “Who am I” are also wonderful track really brings out the soulful vocal purity of Elle to the forefront. All songs deliver more of the same world class pop core musicianship from her band and production folk. Musical comparables for me include some of the stronger female pop vocalist out there right now like Kelly Clarkson, Christine Agulera, Mariah Carey and Beyonce. On the other side of the sonic spectrum I can also hear Pink and Lady Gaga. Overall this latest EP teaser entitled “Leopardess” pulls out all the stops and will bring nothing but positives to your status quos. It will also encourage you to get out on the dance floor via many solid dance grooves, and top tiered Production value. All this and more makes Holly Elle a force to be reckoned with around Nashville—and beyond .

Official Rating:   4/5 Stars

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by Ann Hollister edited by Michael Rand
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