Dee was rightly nervous as he went to press play on the finished song for Mannie Fresh. Manny has been known to put a dancer or two through college in his day. “I always like to try to impress Mannie, so i was excited.” he shares. “Then, when I pressed play I got nervous because I didn’t know how he’d feel about the message of the song. When it went off and he said he loved it, I let out a big sigh of relief.” Mannie himself was more cavalier on the subject when asked his reaction to hearing the song for the first time, saying only, “Who ever made that beat is a genius and the rapper on the song is very lucky to know him.” The lengendary producer had more to say about Dee himself though as the two have recorded together regularly, “Dee-1 is super great look for hip hop and the city of New Orleans. He is a very true to life artist and his raps come from his life experiences. Also he is not afraid to take a positive stand for rap.”

“I’ll Pay For It” will be on Dee-1’s next upcoming project, “Psalms of David II”, which drops on November 19th.

“I’ll Pay For It” Audiomack link:

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