six great places for you to hold band practice

Anybody who’s been in a band has likely experienced the frustration of finding a good practice space. Particularly with bands that make a lot of noise, a rehearsal spot where you won’t disturb people can be difficult to find. You’re constantly looking around for places that are cheap, convenient, and won’t raise noise complaints. For a few ideas on where to start, consider the following potential practice spaces.

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#1: Recording Studios
Look for a recording studio that has practice spaces for rent. These are great options because they’re built for bands, so they have excellent acoustics and insulation. Since they can be pricey, your best bet is to look for a less well-known studio for a cheaper rate.

#2: Bars and Clubs
Bands are familiar with the idea of bars and clubs as places where they can get gigs. But they’re good for more than this. Many bars and clubs also have back rooms that they’ll offer up for rent. You can nose around and see if there are any places you can rent out for band practice.

#3: Online
Obviously there are no practice spaces available online, but using a search engine to look for places for rent in your town is a great option. Oftentimes places that you would never have known about will come up in a simple Google search.

#4: Storage Spaces
Storage units like Extra Space Storage can offer an excellent practice space. They’re a convenient place to keep your instruments and can give an insulated place to practice. Storage units are also usually divided from houses, so you don’t need to worry about noise complaints from the neighbors.

#5: Friends’ and Family’s Unused Spaces
Sometimes a less formal arrangement is the best option for your band. Tell your friends and family that you’re looking for a practice space. Sometimes they’ll have an unused space they’ll be willing to offer for a cheap fee.

#6: Music Stores
Oftentimes music stores will be willing to help local bands get their footing. You can ask around and see if music stores have any extra spaces they’d be willing to rent out for practice. Even if the stores themselves don’t, the staff can usually give recommendations of other places to look.

With these options in mind, hopefully you’ll have an idea of where to start looking for a practice space for your band. Always make sure that you talk to your fellow band members about your options.

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