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KickBend is an Illinois-based rock band that eschews the “latest fad” and instead strives to create “honest and moving” songs. They draw on such influences as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Springsteen, and Bon Jovi. Among other pursuits, the band has produced three tracks.

“Taken” is a very easy track to get into. A fine piano score, both calming and moving, launches this piece. The lyrics are sweet, without being maudlin: “I had this silly little dream / You and I took first place at karaoke.” Then we have some alternating male-female vocals. It may not quite match the intensity of MeatLoaf’s “I’d Do Anything for Love,” but there’s some undeniable passion here. Both parties steadfastly assure each other: “I don’t want to hold anyone else.”

“Goin’ Home” is a song dedicated to our troops around the globe:

“Crumbs” is another track with an intro that would be congenial, if not stimulating, to a huge contingent of varied listeners. I really dig the background vocals at the very beginning. They instill drama without being even remotely loud. Ain’t that easy to do!

With such images as disappearing paychecks and the elusive piece of the American pie, “Crumbs” emerges as a stellar hard luck anthem, one that may resonate with many Americans still in the throes of the recession (how long has it been now?).

The chorus to “Crumbs” has a line that is rather deep philosophically: “We all want a slice of heaven, yet we don’t want to die.” This line deftly captures a contradiction inherent to the human experience, where (most) people yearn for an immortal paradise, yet cling to this earthly life.

The track “Goin’ Home” has more of a stadium rock feel. Yeah, this takes me back to those glory days in the mid-80s, when I was soiling my Pampers while head-banging in my crib to all that good cock-rock. The percussive bar chords delight my senses, and the guitar solo is a decent piece of work in its own right.

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