Not just a production group, but also a “lifestyle movement,” GodBody is the brainchild of Orlando resident “Phive.” Since GodBody’s 2011 inception, Phive has been up to a fair amount of diverse activity.

Skope recently tracked him down for a few questions….

What’s the story behind the name “GodBody”?

Well the name GodBody came to me in a day dream as I was sitting in my Medieval Humanities class. Started drawing about it in my Psych class. At the time, I was working on music and trying to find my way to express it to the world. And then the epiphany hit. GodBody “Muzik Group,” which soon led to GodBody Movement Group. Now GodBody is a lifestyle movement and multi-media production group manifesting through combined visions.

What is the “lifestyle movement” that GodBody puts forth?

GodBody is about bringing a positive, enlightened vibe to the masses. Living life to the fullest extent without living in the negative. Building a successful life amongst the people you love and trust. Living for each other just as much as you are living for yourself.   Exploring the ancient and present knowledge in hopes for a better future and realization of life for everyone around us. We look to express this movement through music, film, skating, photography, fashion, and any way to connect with the masses to spread such a positive vibration. Huge shoutout to all the supporters and backers; but special thanks to Dan Buddah and A-Skrollz for making this collaborative vision possible. I am my brother’s keeper.

How would you describe your genre of music?

I feel we are bringing a new genre of music. The combination of Dan Buddah’s lyrics, and/or my own, with the beats that are produced out of PhiveAteFive Studioz, creates an entirely new sound. I personally don’t listen to much music, besides a handful of artists/groups. I try to have the least amount of influence to my musical production. So I will let the people decide the genre.

SidVicious (Prod. Phive) Promo Video

Are you an Orlando native?

I am not an Orlando native, although I have resided here for quite a while. I was born and raised until my mid-teens in Rochester, NY. I have learned much culture from my hometown and I am proud of where I come from. I lived in the heart of the city so everywhere you turned was Culture. My studio name actually stems from Rochester’s area code, 585.

How long have you been composing music?

I’ve been creating since 2009. I got serious about it in 2011 when my purpose in life became clear. That was when GodBody came about and my vision became even clearer. If you hear some of my first productions, you will be amazed at my progression. But don’t sleep, I have a lot of good ones in the crypt. Just ask Buddah. I wrote my first song, I believe it was freshman year of high school, over the Hustler’s Ambition instrumental. I didn’t write another serious song until I met Dan Buddah.

Who are your strongest influences?

First and foremost, the family and friends that believe in me are a great influence. The Puerto Rican culture I grew up around definitely was the strongest influence. Also, when I was growing up the education system actually had a music program in its curriculum. I never owned high quality instruments, but my passion was sparked in class and by simple things such as the exact small beat machine/piano shown in the beginning of Hustle and Flow. Mike Gray and T-gR@y can also be considered a big influence. The talent they hold that I was blessed to witness was remarkable. The thought that I could be the person to help show the world such good music fueled my drive and sparked my passion for engineering. Dan Buddah is also a great influence on my overall being. Without his amazing talents and spiritualism, GodBody is merely just a vibration. He fuels quite a bit of the creativity in the studio and backs me one hundred percent like no other.

You repeatedly mention a “God Complex” in one of your tracks. What is your definition of the “God Complex”?

Well through my perspective and perception, everyone has a little bit of that God Complex. That sense of knowing who you are and standing for it. It also goes as deep as knowing that humans are potential gods. You can say you’re the most selfless person in the world, but you know and I know that deep down there is that sense of, I am. The song was meant to put the listener in the shoes of someone who is basically engulfed in their God Complex, the world revolving around them. Paranoia, smoking to get away from it, guilty of materialism, knowing that he is up next, knowing the skill and knowledge he possesses.

How many artists is GodBody currently working with?

Right now, GodBody is currently working with Dan Buddah and myself, Phive. But we are working with local artists via filming, photography, and studio time. We look to expand the movement when time is right for it.

Dan Buddah’s debut EP ‘MediCated MediTation’

According to your SoundCloud profile, you offer quite a bit of services…I take it you have a good amount of technical skills?

Yes, I have been doing it for quite a while. I have been officially engineering since 2011, but started the venture into my craft in 2009. My production also started in 2009 which has done nothing, but progress. I started filming skate videos with cousin and friends back in 2009. It was an every chance we got kind of thing. Also took a class in high school, which showed me the fun side of having a camera amongst friends. Photography is something I just dove into recently and plan on adding it indefinitely to my arsenal of services. But these services are not only limited to myself, A-Skrollz did most of the camera work for God Complex. We all hold skills necessary to make GodBody function successfully.

Where is the best place online to purchase your music?

The only music I have for sale includes beats with exclusive rights that range in price. Not many are displayed via the internet. PhiveGod EP will be free and available on October 25th. You can also catch my production and engineering on Dan Buddah’s MediCated MediTations on September 5th.

Anything else you care to share?

Understand No Limits. Peace and love to the masses. Thank you Skope, for the opportunity. Keep an eye and ears out for what GodBody has in store for everyone. MediCated MediTations, Sept. 5th. PhiveGod EP, Oct. 25th. PhiveAteFive Studioz. G. O. D. B. O. D. Y.

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