Detroit rapper/producer Black Milk recently released the official track list for his upcoming album No Poison No Paradise, and has now dropped a new single entitled “Dismal.” Having structured the album conceptually as the semi-biographical tale of fictional character Sonny Jr., which includes non-linear elements of Sonny’s dreams, aspirations, and memories, Black Milk explains “I wanted each song to represent a different stage of Sonny’s life. On ‘Dismal,’ he’s battling with himself to regain his position at the top.” As a youth, Sonny Jr. dreamt of becoming a successful rapper or athlete, and the song describes a point in his life where he is dealing with feelings of failure and depression stemming from his life’s struggles, and also functions as an inner monologue where he must fight with his conscience to decide what he must do to move forward.

Black Milk’s 28-date No Poison No Paradise Tour with Quelle and DJ Sober is currently underway.

Check out the SPIN premiere here:  

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