Combine a little pop, a little hiphop and a big dose of positivity and call it CjD. That is Collin James Daniel. And you can catch his tracks on his YouTube channel, the preferred method of younger artists these days. Hey, look what happened with Mac Miller and Justin Beiber? So I decided to check out CjD’s music, and sounds like he just might be onto something. If you’re into pop hooks and hiphop beats this just might be for you.

Skope: You’re the first artist I’ve actually heard that uses leased beats. Where did you find them and how did you hook up with the producers?

CjD: Most I Find Online , But I Do Know A Few In Florida I Interact With.

Skope: All of your songs have a positive or inspiring message. What’s the song “Love And Happiness” actually about?

CjD: Love And Happiness Is About Do What You Love To Do And Dont Quit Until Your Happy.What I Mean By That Is Love Your Life As You Live It And Dont Quit Until You Reach Your Goals.

Skope: Do you write your own lyrics?

CjD: Yes I Do, Its The Best Part About Making My Songs.

Skope: So once you aquire a beat, how did you record vocals? Do you have a home studio or did you get into one?

CjD: I Do It Mostly At Home But If I Have Some Spare Money Ill Hit The Studio.

Skope: What do you look for when searching for the ‘right’ music for your songs?

CjD: I look For Up Tempo Beats With A Happy Vibe.

Skope: What are your plans with these songs? Are you going to release a proper album or is this like a demo?

CjD: Yes I Will Be Making An Album Soon, Its Going To Be Called “Always Looking At the Stars”.

Skope: What inspired you to decide to become a vocalist?

CjD: Ive Always Loved Music And Always Wanted To Make It And Once I Learned There Was No Returning.

Skope: Who has influenced your lyrics? Who are some of your favorite artists?

CjD: Mostly Wiz Khalifa, Sammy Adams,And Bei Maejor

Skope: Anything you’d like to tell Skope readers before we wrap up here?

CjD: Follow Your Dreams And Go Out And Make It Happen!

If you’re into pop, check out CjD’s YouTube page here @

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