Singer-songwriter Stewart Eastham is set to release his debut solo album, The Man I Once Was, on September 24, 2013 via Long Bar Music.   Eastham’s first record since fronting country-rock band Day of the Outlaw captures some of his most honest and personal lyricism to date, especially moments like “Idyllwild, CA,” “Crawl Up In Your Bottle,” “It’s Understood,” and “The Lights of Tennessee.” Since The Man I Once Was is so deeply rooted in his own first-hand experience, the songs often take on the feel of a diary spanning an incredibly transformative time in his life.

To watch the first video from the album, click this link:

After a lifetime on the West Coast, Eastham recently found himself at both a personal and artistic crossroads.   He found respite from the darkness of his final L.A. years in the change of pace and peace of mind he discovered in Nashville.   “It’s my ‘L.A. to Nashville’ album,” explains Eastham. “As the song ‘Born In California’ exemplifies, my life has always been based around a series of dichotomies:   city vs. country, intellectualism vs. street smarts, freedom vs. security.   With the move to Nashville, that dichotomy became literal, snaking its way through many of my songs as well as determining the album’s title and cover art.”

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