VOD Recordings is quickly becoming thee label for underground hiphop and electronic artists, most recently picking up hiphop producer Jack Knocks, already known in his hometown as the go-to guy for a number of local artists. With a new e.p. “War Songs Vol. 1” on the horizon, we decided to find a little more about Jack and VOD Recordings…

Skope: You’ve been working with hiphop for a number of years, what is it about that genre that drew you to it?

Jack Knocks: I use to break dance as a kid so makein beats came easy to me.

Skope: Tell us a little bit about your upcoming release and how you hooked up with VOD Recordings?

Jack Knocks: I been rockin with vod   for years ! we got war songs dropin soon.

Skope: The single “Eazy Star” features rap artist A-Tone Tha Priest, how did that come about?

Jack Knocks: that came about through VOD. I sent them the beat the rest is history.

Skope: Tell us about your background, who are some local legends you’ve worked with?

Jack Knocks: G—child   from Mtv,   ak47.

Skope: What do you think of underground labels like VOD that cater to newcomer and non-traditional hiphop and electronic artists?

Jack Knocks: VOD gives new artist opportunities.

Skope: Who’s inspired you most from a producer standpoint?

Jack Knocks: DJ Premier, Dr. Period, Dr. Dre.  

Skope: Any future plans for more collaborations?

Jack Knocks: Yes, Im going to be doing a lot with VOD.

Skope: Are you mainly a producer or do you also do performances with rap artists?

Jack Knocks: I’m a producer.

Skope: What’s in store for Jack Knocks?

Jack Knocks: To take over the world!!!

Be sure to catch Jack Knocks new e.p. “War Songs VOl.1” on VOD Recordings out July 23 everywhere!


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