Amidst an era of constant socialization, online and off, Therese Aune’s newest single, “In My Quiet Place,” speaks to the joy that can come from finding a spot to call your own, where you can gather your thoughts and freedom. The song comes off her upcoming release, Billowing Shadows, Flickering Light (out August 6). The track starts softly, a pastoral tone poem of piano, cello and violin spinning a gentle spell until the drums kick in sending Aune’s wordless vocals on a flight of breathless exaltation. Aune explains that while she’s a very social person, oftentimes being constantly surrounded by people gives her an urge to seek out her special place. She says, “I wrote it with a very concrete place in mind. I won’t ever tell you where it is, though. It’s my secret … wouldn’t want it to be crowded the next time I’m there!”

Listen to “In My Quiet Place” here:

Photo By: A’se Holte

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