Singer/Songwriter and author Judy Cheeks is proving herself to be one of the most versatile performers in music worldwide. Returning from semi-retirement after well over a decade, Judy has released the first music video and single “Happy” from her new contemporary gospel album “True Love is Free”. The popular DJ Mikey Gallagher, a resident DJ at Ministry of Sound and Hed Kandi, has put his own spin on “Happy” by making a powerful remix of the song. It has been the number 1, 2, and 4 spot on Mikey’s King of Clubs mix show which is broadcasting all over the USA.


Though best known for dance music hits in the `70s, `80s and `90s such as “Mellow Lovin’, “Respect”, “As Long As You’re Good To Me” and “Reach”, Cheeks is finally fully embracing her legacies as the daughter of the legendary gospel singer Reverend Julius Cheeks and the goddaughter of the incomparable Sam Cooke.   It was while writing the book “Love and Honor” about her Father and his gospel quartets, that Cheeks was inspired to return to singing, and specifically, to gospel.   “In my research, I realized all he had gone through in the timeline of his life alongside the history of America.   He was singing about God for people; yet couldn’t drive through the South without fearing for his life.   Imagine how much faith he had to possess to follow that calling” Judy reveals.   “Because of my Dad, I was surrounded by gospel and all of the great gospel singers.   Young kids would go to pop concerts.   I got my thrill going to see the Davis Sisters and The Hummingbirds.   That was my grounding.”


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