Charlotte, NC-based singer-songwriter Russell Howard is set to release his album, City Heart +, on July 30, 2013, via Rock Ridge Music.   His debut EP, City Heart, had such a positive reception that Howard is releasing it in an expanded edition as City Heart +, and the new incarnation augments the EP with freshly recorded acoustic versions of the core tracks (each acoustic version will be paired with a video) and masterfully crafted bonus cuts (“Too Far” and “Find Me”) that showcase Howard’s artistic growth.
His irresistible and intimate blend of indie, folk, and pop with a touch of honeyed 1960s soul colors the songs on the record, which address the rewards and struggles self-discovery; they shimmer with awe, melancholy, and steely optimism. “I wrote these songs at a time when I was playing colleges and traveling a lot,” says Howard. “The feeling of being far from home was setting in, but writing was really grounding.   It’s like that saying ‘You play the blues to keep yourself from feeling the blues.’ I pulled myself up by writing this record.”

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