Roses for Lola, Roses for Lola


So what is Avant-Garde? Avant-garde quite simply represents a pushing of the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm or status quo primarily in popular culture. The notion of the existence of the avant-garde is considered by some to be a hallmark of modernism. I like to think of it as uncharted water. So enter Roses for Lola a 3 piece Rock band based out of Chicago. Roses for Lola is the culmination of an 18 month musical journey by the Roses for Lola creative team – Michael Schaerer (Instruments), Steven D. Hunt (Drums) and Jimmy Mint (vocals). I get the impression these 3 wanted to establish a sophisticated, wall-of-sound product that has a purpose above and beyond mere entertainment. Roses for Lola is a somewhat dark, exciting album full of music that can be listened to in any situation. The songs on the album are a mixture of songs that encourage you to tap your foot, but also offers a wide variety of emotions and subject matter. All 9 tracks provide a intensely exhilarating experience that can tingle the senses into submission. In this aspect I think I get Roses for Lola   100%. Indeed over the years music is best enjoyed loud for many different reasons. Some feel music is a way to buzz the senses during any activity — concerts, clubs, dancing, exercising, getting drunk, all of the above and more – you get it. Some want to go deeper and darker. Music reminds me of The National, Radiohead, Vampire Weekend, and Interpol. From one of their more starker tracks “Soaked” and Just a Little” to more straight forward title track and “The Word is That” this album covers a lot of creative territory. Roses for Lola offers an ample listening environment with a foreboding sound that sets an intensely creative/subjective mood. This will encourage the listener to delve in life’s mystery, no matter what the circumstances. These 3 lads deserve a lot of credit for bringing all this tougher. As a result Roses for Lola is an interesting avant-garde musical project worth checking out. Their energetic, stimulating sound can be appreciated by anyone that enjoys music, even those who typically may not enjoy one particular genre. I enjoyed this album sitting on my couch on full blast, with eyes closed eager to see where the musical journey took me. I must also admit I was impaired at the time, and the experience was shall I say exhilarating and stimulating. This sounds so simple but it’s in this setting Roses for Lola will work its magic to the fullest potential.

Genera: Alternative Rock
Locale: Chicago, IL
Band: Michael Schaerer (Instruments), Steven D. Hunt (Drums) and Jimmy Mint (vocals).


Rating 8/10

by J.J. McCall edited by Janne Zawa

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