“I was inspired buy a chilled summer night of just kicking it with the homies,” he explains. “On this night in particular I wasn’t going to allow anything to worry or stress me out. Sometimes we get caught up in the everyday functions of our lives trying to survive, and forget to take the time to enjoy the things we’re working hard to get.” Tone P, who has also collaborated with Wale and the Maybach Music Group, creates mellow production, which combines soft rhodes, an ethereal electric guitar and a head-bopping drumbeat to perfectly compliment the message behind Jahzel’s words, and allow him to continue to develop himself creatively. “I really enjoyed zoning out and recording the hook,” Jahzel recalls, “It’s a style I hadn’t used before. Was dope to try something new and push my own personal limits.”
Prefix Mag premiered the track, read the writeup here:

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