When standing alone, who do you hold in the back of your mind? Oakland hip-hop duo Main Attrakionz keeps its kinfolk close in their newest video. “My life is crazy but my family is usual,” raps Squadda B, explaining how he stays bonded to his extended circle through the insanity. Tynethys, a Sacramento producer who is quite an accomplished wordsmith and instrumental musician in his own right and is coming off the release of his recent Lost Angeles project, illustrates the juxtapositions of beauty and freneticism over the course of the song, as piano and operatic vocal samples interweave with a ticking, driving rhythm. The two come together to create a middle place for the Main Attrakionz’s stories to live.

This space will only expand as the duo continues their work with Tynethys. “Kinfolk” is the first track off of a full collaborative album with the fellow Californian, which will be released this summer. “Their cloud rap style meshed with my melodic/electric style of producing right from the beginning,” explains Tynethys. “We’ve been building and making music since then.”

VICE’s Noisey Music premiered the video:


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