It makes sense that two of the South’s finest grassroots singers had to hoof it all the way to Hollywood to find each other. In a sea of indie rock bands, the unabashedly Appalachian voices of SALLY JAYE and SARAH ROBERTS make for a stunning anomaly. Teaming up not only made sense, it felt destined. Soon after meeting, they borrowed the name LADIES GUN CLUB from an actual ladies’ gun club in North Carolina and, happily for all us displaced Southerners, commenced to makin’ bona fide roots music in the midst of Tinseltown. ??

Ladies Gun Club – “Road to Nowhere” Video:

There’s an exponential factor that kicks in when these richly nuanced, haunting voices pair up. Deftly supported by like-minded players, LGC’s self-titled debut EP is a study in graceful restraint. Banjos, fiddles, slide guitars, mandolins, horns, glass percussion, accordion and the like take shifts weaving elegant, sometimes dark, textures around the Ladies’ standout duets and solos. The result is an eclectic mix of 6 original songs, each casting its own brand of eerie.

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