International Nova, Point of No Return


“Point of No Return” will be released in August 2013. International Nova is signed to Monarchy Records: A division of the Spectra Music Group. I suppose the first thing to mention here is that, the lyrics on some of this might not be for everyone. However, that could be applied to just a lot of hip hop music in general, and doesn’t mean it isn’t impressive — which it is. People who dig hip hop probably won’t be turned off by that factor, but it should be mentioned. Perhaps the best thing to say would be “give it a listen for yourself before playing it in front of the kids.”

With all that out of the way, this album comes highly recommended. Too many rappers these days seem to lack variety or originality. That’s definitely not the case here. There are a wide range of sounds and the raps themselves vary pretty well from track to track. It is firmly rooted in old school hip hop sounds, yet it also comes across as modern. The title track opens the set and really feels like it should be on the radio. It’s got the right sound to make it stand up well against the big name rappers. It really shows the talent involved here. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this is that the artist doesn’t seem confined by genre, moving gracefully from one thing to another. It always remains entertaining and strong. This is great stuff for all fans of hip hop.

Final rating: 9/10 Stars

Review by Steve Rafferty edited by Heather Savage
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