Barbara Kiss, From Me To You


Barbara Kiss’ debut album on Roadhouse Records showcases a little something for everyone, especially in the pop and rock genres. Barbara is an upcoming artist from Hungary, which was surprising to me considering just how American the title track “Catch Me” sounds, like something Taylor Swift or Pink might record.

“And You Are” jolted me momentarily as the sudden deep Euorpean classical roots come to the forefront in this elegant ballad, sans drums.

Next is “Perfect Night” a 4/4 dance track, that fits nicely with the ever-so-popular EDM that’s taken over the world the last few years.

The next few songs follow the pop electro grooves with the standout track “You’re No Good”, which would fit right in with pop radio.

“Memories” is another gem of a ballad pop track, as well as “Time And Time Again”. One thing that separates Miss Kiss from others like Britney Spears on most of her songs is that her vocals are clean and raw, no real effects or Autotune, which is refreshing to hear for a change.

Rihanna – Stay (Barbara Kiss singing)

“Glass Box” starts off with a classic hiphop beat with pizzacato beforing turning the chorus transforms it into a stompy rock song.

“Smilin’ Lyin’ Denyin” rounds an impressive album of contemporary pop and dance from a country not known for this type of music. Barbara could be a huge breakout artist if she plays her cards right.

By: Anon

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