There is and always has been one thing Myspace does very well, and that is music. Music and creativity are the lifeblood of Myspace and has certainly been the driving force behind the new design. This May they take their rightful position center stage in that lane, espousing artist with the tools of empowerment with the ability to   launch themselves, tour themselves, promo themselves, connect to fans directly and find an audience. All with a slick and creative edge. And it’s not just for music – designers, filmmakers, chefs, bloggers, photographers, graffiti artists — anyone creative can do the same!

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This is just the beginning. Myspace will continue to build additional tools for artists even as they improve current features and expand upon existing functions as they continue to get feedback and listen to the users. One of the first is Artists Analytics: By simply logging on to their own page, artists are a click away from seeing who their biggest fans are and why.

Here is an quick overview of the new site:


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