IDJ’s former label boss L.A. Reid decided to become CEO and Chairman of Epic Records in 2011, he also hired Stewart to head the label’s A&R department. With Reid’s full support, Stewart was able to take Bryan with him to Epic where the young artist could work with a label that had an interest in sharing his talent with the world. Despite the high compliment from these record industry rainmakers, Bryan’s future was locked in limbo as he had to remain on IDJ as part of his contract for the better part of a year. The label that once welcomed him with open arms now offered little support on his projects, which languished for a while until finally made the official move to Epic where he’s re-emerged stronger and more dedicated than ever.

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“At the end of my career, I want people to look at my career and say that is the best our generation could do,” he says. “I wanna be considered amongst the Michael Jacksons, the Ushers and the Sammy Davis Jr.s, that select few. I definitely think I have the potential and the work ethic to do it, I just have to do it.”

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